In the year 2001 I watched CATS the musical on VHS everyday and I have been an artist everyday since.

However, my Artistic Career truly swung into action in 2012 as I left my hometown of Santa Maria, California and headed to study Performing Arts and Social Justice at The University of San Francisco. At USF I found that my passions extended further than just acting and dancing. I dabbled in both the creative and administrative sides of theater and found a deeper connection to what it means to be an artist in a fuller capacity.
My art comes from both excitement and frustration, hopefulness and hopelessness, genuine curiosity but also deep fear. It comes from times when I wanted to do anything but be seen and times where I felt like the only way I could communicate was to move, dance, be loud and perform. My art is a little bundle of contractions but I’ll never stop looking towards these contradictions to assist me in finding realness and rawness in characters, variation and depth in movement, and endurance and confidence for any performance.